Sunday, May 06, 2007

MY 15th Birthday

yesterday was my birthday and it was a blast!!!!!!Our unit scheduled our camp of instructoin for this weekend ..... we got realy wet but when it was dry we drilled, and marched, and drilled some but the coolest thing is that they taught me how to load and fire the musket.... i fired it three or four times.... and next yr if i want to i can actualy get a musket of my own and go out in a guys uniform and fire inthe battles.... any ways our ride out this morning was very different than the norm, we got up at like four and left for grand island.... and on the way there our tent poles fell off the top of the roof.... then when we got out there we got a downpour... it was fun though cause we went puddle jumping( my cousin mathew and i).... then we would get like a ten minute patch of sun shine.... then more rain.... it was off an on till like noon.... and after that it was just windy.... we were gonna spend the night but the weather was only gonna get worse.... over all it ws a pretty cool day and i was glade to spend it doing something i love! bth.... kudos to uncle dennis for taking casey and i out.... and teaching me how to use the musket!

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