Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm leaving for pawnee city tomorrow morning!!!!!! I am really exited I get to be the nurse and the runner for highest comanding officer of the whole confederate army (and maybe more ;D ) plus I just got a new dress and hoop to where to the ball, anyway I've got tons of packing to do, so got to go ....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Our youth group canoe trip!!!!

Okay so yesterday me and my youth group went on a canoe trip ( it was more like a kayak trip) anyway it was like a 2 an a 1/2 hour trip into Iowa and then when we got there we went to church with another youth group and after that we ate lunch and then went out on the river ( I don't remember which one) we had 13 kayaks and 5 canoes, so we were going to see who could go the longest without tipping over....... Five minutes in the kid who was in front flipped. After that we went down stream for a hour or so and then stopped at a sand bar and everyone got out and we had a mud fight then went for a swim ( in jeans and T's it was a blast) the river current was so strong that when we stood up we fell over in two foot deep water. Then after about a half an hour we started out again and not even five minutes after that I ran into a tree... And then floated down stream until I could catch my kayak. We counted how many people tipped over and got a total of five ( all in kayaks) and had a ton of fun. Well we eventually came to the end of the river and walked back to the church as a way of drying off and laughed about all the silly things we did. Then after dinner we played basketball, and volleyball, then we had youth group we sang some songs, listened to some testimonies. And talked about how life is like a river, and it is in so many ways, like the current we couldn't walk against it or turn around, and how in life sometimes we wish that we could turn back time and we can't we have to keep going. Or the two different paths we can take the wide path leading to destruction or the narrow path leading to heaven, at the end of that river we had two paths one that was as wide as the river itself and turned into a waterfall or one that was off to the side and was very narrow that lead to land. We had a great time and learned so much from the experience. Of coarse we lost a few things and are now sore but it was worth it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well things have been kinda boring lately..... Except that I went to the old market for labor day with some of the girls from church, I have to say that the slides really r fun...hehehe..... Anyway then we had a sleepover party ( well more like an overnight party we didn't really do alot of sleeping) we stayed up till four in the morning. And then last night I went to c my neighbors new horse and that was alot of fun.
Other than that not much goin on.

Saturday, September 02, 2006