Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well this month has been a fun one... football has been a little dissapointing tho, we have only won one game this season but basketbal looks promising. If we win r next 2 or 3 games we have a chance at playoffs. Homecoming was alot of fun both centrals and norths. And school pictures were fun to. i have realy injoyed hanging out with friends and going to school realted activites. Plus i am hoping to have a job next week i put the aplications in and am jus waiting to hear back. I like alot of my classes and have all As so i am pretty happy about that. well thats about it and i G2G. luv u guys!

Homecoming 2008

me and my boyfriend robert
norths homecoming

me and my homegirl cristina

centrals homecoming

outside stokes in the old market

i love him!

Both homecomings were so much fun for mine at central robert took me to stokes for dinner and then bought me a rose befor going to the dance and at norths we hung out and took pictures.

september update

I am now in school!!! It has been such an awesome experience... i am making friends all over the place... trying out for basketball... auditioning for the fall play and in several after school clubs. Im so exicted about homecoming coming up to. So far its mostly As and a coulpe Bs, but its great and i like Most my teachers. Im still with my foster mom but shes great we get along realy well and are hoping that after i go to court that i will be able to stay with her. Im still getting used to getting up and running aroud school all day but its allrite. lol... other than that not much. :-D